tacos al pastor


1/4 cup Vegetable Oil
1/4 cup Guajillo Puree (See episode 2, "Two Steak Tacos and a Microphone" page for recipe)
2 Chipotle Peppers plus 2 Tbl Adobo (canning liquid)
1 oz. Achiote Paste
2 cloves Garlic

Put all ingredients into a blender and puree until smooth. Set aside.

Pork and the Gang

2 lbs Boneless Pork Ribs Country Style
1 Pineapple, Cored and Sliced into 5 or 6 slices
1 large red onion, peeled, and sliced into 3 or 4 thick slices
2 Jalapenos, or more, but no less!
Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Salt and Pepper

Corn Tortillas
Lime Wedges

Place pork ribs in glass baking dish big enough to hold in a single layer. Pour all marinade over the top. Now massage your meat!! Ya might wanna put on some gloves, but you really want to work that marinade into the meat. Get it covered real good. Cover with plastic wrap, and place in refrigerator for at least 2 hours, but up to overnight.

Set up charcoal grill (or gas if you must!) for direct cooking.

While grill is heating up, slice your pineapple, onion, lime wedges, and coarsely chop some fresh cilantro. Drizzle a layer of olive oil on both sides of pineapple slices, onion, slices, and jalapeno peppers.

Place pork ribs over hot coals. Rotate and flip, careful not to burn. The marinade will char a little bit, and that's ok. Cook to 160 degrees internal temperature. Remove form grill to cutting board. Add slices of pineapple and onion, along with jalapeno peppers to grill. Turn and flip slices until nicely marked form the grill and soft. While your produce is getting a burn, cut pork into 1 inch chunks, and place into grill safe cast iron skillet, and place on grill to keep warm.

When pineapples and onion are finished grilling, move them to the cutting board. Set aside grilled jalapeno peppers. Cut pineapples into 1 inch chunks, and onions into 1/2 inch pieces. Add to skillet with pork and stir all together. Either use attached grill burner, or coals, or gas grates....cook your tortillas until desired consistency and place in tortilla warmer.

Now the easy part....build your tacos!! Place a healthy scoop of pork mixture on top of warm tortilla. Top with fresh cilantro. Serve with grilled jalapenos on the side. 


Welcome to Supersonic Singles! These are new cooking segments that pair some kick ass Supersonic Kitchen recipes with some independent, underground music! Food and music, have ya heard that one before!?!

For the first Supersonic Single, I decided to cook my version of Tacos Al Pastor. A super traditional dish from Central Mexico, this dish usually involves slow cooking pork shoulder on a vertical roaster, similar to Greek gyros! I've given you my version, which uses boneless country style pork ribs, marinated in traditional Al Pastor flavorings and grilled super quick, coming out juicy, and just bursting with flavor. I've added grilled pineapple and red onion to round it out. Stuff it all inside a warm corn tortilla, top with some fresh cilantro and grilled jalapeno, and you'll be blown away, not only by the amazing flavors, but the simplicity with which a few good ingredients can make that happen.

We've paired up the killer tacos with some killer tunes from Baltimore's own Head of Power. 

"The Head of Power was formed in Sept of 2013 in Hamilton , a small blue collar urban neighborhood in Baltimore city. Mike Dee and Al Ott have been playing together in the punk rock scene in Baltimore for almost 20 years . Some of those bands are Head Cheese, Stunt Monkey, Spike Wrench, and Honkey Kong. Now , with the addition of good friend Sam Shapiro on the bass and Mike Clark on lead guitar HEAD OF POWER is formed. H.O.P. is a blend of old school punk , Oi, hard core, rock and roll, and even stoner rock influences..... with no boundaries or guide lines to its sound.  Catch them live in a dive somewhere in Baltimore and keep an ear out for releases.....THE HEAD OF POWER COMMANDS YOU !!!

Here’s to music, here’s to food \m/ !!!

Head of Power

Reverb Nation


Episode Crew

Chef Jeremy Davis
Producer, Second Camera, Editor

Tonya Davis
Co-Producer, Camera

Photography by Supersonic Kitchen