Hell yeah it worked!!! This grilled gnocchi was off the charts good. It picked up the smoky flavor of the charcoal, was way better than I expected. Now gnocchi's one of those dishes where I think back and honestly can't remember one that really blew me away anyways. I knew I was grilling out tonight, I was trying to decide between potato salad and pasta salad. I met in the middle! I thought, what the hell, can you grill gnocchi? I thought, "Be cool, honey bunny....be cool." Let's do this right! As if found out, SHIT YEAH you can grill gnocchi, and you should!!!! This crazy simple recipe will blow your mind. I took a pound of gnocchi, actually it said 17.6 oz, it was one of those fancy brands in the refrigerated section. I boiled it for a few minutes in salted water until it floated, and cooled in an ice bath. I strained it really well, and then tossed it with salt and pepper, about a tbl fresh thyme, and just enough olive oil to keep it from sticking, and then I laid it out single layer style on a sprayed sheet pan. I heated up a perforated grill pan over hot coals. I use Stubb's charcoal, whatever, it doesn't matter, as long as you're grilling!!! Dump the gnocchi onto the hot grill pan. Saute as you would at home, it's all about the wrist!!! Flip it, shake it, toss it around...wait, what are we doing!? Get some color on it, the outside of the gnocchi will start getting a bit of a crust, this is what you've been training for! Take a 3.5 oz plastic pack of baby spinach, open it up, pour in just about a 1/2 tbl olive oil, and some garlic salt, pepper. Close lid, and "Shake it Up....shake it up!" Dump onto gnocchi in grill pan. Use tongs and keep moving everything around, just until spinach wilts. Pour everything onto a serving platter, bowl, plate, whatever! Sprinkle fresh parmigiano reggiano and crushed red pepper on top. Wow, this is the new way to enjoy gnocchi!! Cheers!