I started this show to help do my part in supporting the amazing local music scene here in Baltimore. Anyone who knows me knows that I am very passionate about music, always have been. I absolutely love live music, and can't explain the frustration of seeing empty venues while these very talented and humble musicians give everything they've got. Now, whether or not I had this show, I still cook every day. I love to create, and love to eat! I'm not on the culinary cutting edge, but I'm a damn good, and honest cook. I cook for my family, and my friends every chance I get. Family dinner is very important to me. So I thought what better way to join my two passions than to incorporate my love of cooking and the togetherness it promotes with my passion and love for music. SSK was born. I want to introduce these great musicians to Baltimore and to the rest of the world for that matter! It's been such a fun ride. In the premiere episode, Robert Mitchell and I sat around a campfire and made chili together. What a blast! He performed two new songs and we discussed the correlations between his country roots and love of punk rock. Then came Foghound, with my friends Dee, Bob, Chuck, and Jim! I got to go make some kick ass short rib sandwiches for them in the alley behind their practice space, and even introduce them from the stage at Ottobar that night! What a perfect day, and a great conversation we had discussing the history of the might Foghound!
Then came the infamous "Taco" episode, where my son Brooks began his career as a production assistant and 2nd camera! Way to go son! A.j. Jeffrey tattooed a taco on my arm, we went upstairs at the Baltimore Tattoo Museum and made tacos together while we waited for his Mantis Toboggan bandmates Justin and Matt to show up. TOGETHER, we ate some steak tacos and then they put on a blistering performance in the galley. At the end of the performance, almost on cue, you can see a chunk of ceiling fall to the ground, they really shook the place, literally.
Visiting Andy Bopp at Magpie Cage Recording studio while he finished his new record was crazy. We made paninis together, toured the studio, and he performed two amazingly beautiful new songs in the studio. I even got to sit with James Robbins at the control desk as he walked me through some of the ins and outs of recording! His contribution to the swear jar has become a beloved moment from this episode!
We're just finishing up our lastest episode with The Twanger Sisters, Dawn and Kerra! Spending the day with these two quirky ladies was a highlight for sure. This one will be out in April! What beautiful music these two make together. After that, I'm just saying the next episode involves Doughnuts, which may or may not have connections to the Devil!
None of this would be possible without the genius of Shane Gardner. Noone I know does more to nurture the music scene here in Baltimore, so it makes perfect sense to have his artistic eye capturing all these good times and putting them together in a such a captivating way. Please follow Rock and Roll Socialite on FB and see the amazing images he captures nightly! Thanks Shane! I hope we get to keep making these, and I hope you're all able to make it to a show, not matter where you live! Support your local music scene. Cheers. Jeremy...

Here's to food, here's to music \m/ !!!!